Experience: Healthcare: Phelps Memorial Hospital Center

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center

Volunteer Program

A community hospital relies on volunteers to supplement staff and extend resources.  In 2014, HudsonPR executed a 4-month project to revitalize the volunteer program at Phelps. Burns directed photo shoots in Hyperbaric Treatment, Newborn Hearing Screening, Physical Rehabilitation, Robins Nest Day Care, and a range of departments in which volunteers play vital roles. HudsonPR redesigned the volunteer print brochure, crafted revised website copy and drafted social media content. The improvements positioned the volunteer program for full integration with Northwell Health, in the partnership that made Phelps Memorial Hospital Center the first hospital in Westchester County and first beyond New York City and Long Island, to join the state’s largest integrated healthcare provider.


Phelps river aerial cropped